Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cetaphil Adoration

I want to dedicate this post to Cetaphil. Ever since I ran out of it near the end of my stay in Korea (and I think, combined with the humidity my skin wasn't used to) and using other cleansers that were popular in the Korean market, my face broke out like crazy.. so much so, that I had acne.. which was sad 'cause I was 21! I know I know.. "adult acne" lol. It was awful 'cause it was red and bumpy (the worst part.. bad texture you can see through foundation) and full of blackheads that continuously came up so randomly and out of nowhere (yes, it was gross). When I got my facial at Skoah back in August, the esthetician commented on my "congested skin" which led to a whole convo on products etc. She really approved of my use of Cetaphil (which, at that time, I was almost out of and had only been using it once every 1.5 weeks).. and I can finally say as of about a month ago, my skin is back to what it used to be after using Cetaphil every night (like I had been before Korea) for the past 3 months. I would also like to think that my use of Lush fresh face masks (I think it's Cosmetic Warrior during the end of my 4-5 month acne battle.. it's for teenage acne-prone skin lol.. I felt olddd) and the Lush Tea Tree Toner really helped quicken the acne-rid, too.
Now, I just have scars left ('cause yea I touched my face..), but Bio Oil has really been helping to fade the acne scars. I slather Bio Oil on my face every night before bed and let it soak in so I hope I don't need to wear hardly any foundation anymore. Bio Oil makes my skin look nice and plump and smooth the next morning, too haha so Cetaphil and Bio Oil are my skin saviors.. Oh, and my skin is quite fond of Pond's Cream for dry skin, too. Soaks it all up like a sponge. Honestly, when I first heard of Cetaphil and how so many ppl raved over it, I didn't want to like it 'cause it was nothing special. It didn't lather up nicely and just didn't seem like it would work. Plus, the bottle looked horrendously generic and cheap and not very nice to have on the counter. Obviously having gotten past that, I now know that it is a fantastic cleanser that gets rid of all my face makeup super gently. My eye makeup needs eye makeup remover, though.. and Neutrogena's Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover has been doing a great job. So tadaaaa! Happy products. Now I know, the search for my "HG" (Holy Grail, as they say in makeup forums) cleanser is complete.
My whole body loves sleep.. so I'll go take a nap now...

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Nat said...

yeah to me, cetaphil doesnt look that good. i'm surprised you had to use it for 3 months every night for your skin to get back to normal. the clinique wash i've been using since start of january has been really good actually... much clearer. not 100%, but i would say a 90% improvement! have to use it twice a day though. i could never use bio oil on my face o_O adding to the oil on my face lol. i really doubt ur acne was THAT bad =P i think i've always had it way worse than you but i guess i never bothered to do anything with it!