Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Been daydreaming about where I want to travel to next. Gotta think more realistic...

1. NY again for 6 days solely for shopping, eating terrific food, and catching a couple Broadway shows

2. HK for around 1.5-2 weeks - again, fabulous shopping and food... going up The Peak... maybe glamour shots again in China hehe

3. Italy + Greece (planned for next late September/October)... Greece for its culture, historic places, and food... and Italy for its high fashion and culture.. Pisa.. Milano.. riding scooters (more incentive to get my license before then (maybe even an international one??)

4. Japan - for 1-2 months to tour around the whole country... will need a LOT of money! Maybe I should try to teach English there... then I can visit Korea on long weekends, too!

5. London, Barcelona again, and the rest of Europe... overwhelming!

6. Panama Canal + Central American cruise? I just want a glimpse of what they have even if it's the touristy side... and cruises are a perfect way to do so.

7. Brazil... hopefully before or during the games!

8. Australia & New Zealand... might as well hit up both countries at once. Don't know anybody there though!

9. Taiwan and China. Not high up on my list, but I would eventually like to go.

10. Cruise to Russia and North Western Europe... and once I conquer most of Europe, I would like to go again just to backpack!

Plus many many more... man traveling is expensive!