Monday, February 9, 2009

Wanna See Some Magic??

Disclaimer: This trick was performed without any visually enhancing technology.
2 hours later... w/ tons of boxing away, dusting, and vacuuming...
The only thing that I took out of the room was my suitcase. My room has so much potential... so plain and boring now haha... oh well. It will be fixed up eventually... heheh I have so much floor space again! No more hopping!


Nat said...

wat a cleaning rampage! you sure you didnt find any more treasure under there hehehhe
so nice wen the closet doors close... well, wen i do, room feels pretty empty, feels good in a way. we'll get into your room after you come back - i'll make that 9 frames thing for you wen you come back, coz your tastes will have changed by then :)

Melanie said...

the real magic is keeping it clean until you go! i'd like to see that trick!