Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Wonder Baby + Wonder Girls
Super productive day today:
Went to SFU to:
- hand in photocopy of passport
- get an ISIC card (mailed to me)
- get money a friend owed me
Went downtown to:
- hand in Visa application (to be picked up next Wed) + get approved
- exchange currency (found that Korea Exchange Bank under H Mart on Robson had the best rate + it was nice inside + the employees were nice too)
- bought another pair of leggings (my backup pair b/c I wear them a lot + used up gift card)
- got my bangs cut @ Chura
- got Shu Uemura cleansing oil samples (woot woot).. I'm actually running out of Cetaphil!

All that's left is to figure out some possible courses + pick up my visa + pack!!


Nat said...

haha oh yeah i remember seeing that vid the last time you posted about WG...one of those "related videos"... haha yeah probably the best baby wg i've seen, not that i've seen many..... kinda disturbing, but not as bad as kid beauty pageants in the western world for sure!

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