Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kiwi Blush

haha Youtube.
I found a series of episodes called Xiaxue's Guide To Life. It's about this girl named Wendy in Singapore and she just... does stuff and it's all documented!
She gets her tongue pierced (shudder!! I can never do this! I actually watched the whole thing...), shows you how to clean the house, gets a tattoo, tries DIY home remedies (egg white mask and mayo hair conditioner), shows you how to bling your gadgets (I want to crystallize my phone now!!), goes to a fish spa, shows you how to put on fake eyelashes, teaches you how to furnish a princess room (lol)... kills a live crab to cook (how INHUMANE!), and tries to lose weight via acupuncture... among many many MANY other things.
haha she's funny! Talks a lot and kind of hard to understand! Singlish..
She's actually a celebrity TV personality and blogger too!

Served such a nice and polite group of 8 Koreans last night =) 7 guys and 1 girl. I think they were 19 and all the guys were gentlemen aww it was so enjoyable! Even a couple co-workers told me they really liked that table and came around often just to check up on them even if it wasn't their table to serve. You know, I think it's part of a customer's job to just be kind and courteous back to the server. Yes, servers are paid for their job to provide the best possible dining experience no matter how badly the customer treats them and I'm proud that everyone I currently work with does that, but we, as people, react. We feed off the way customers respond. I've seen it happen and I do it too - even if the customer is being a total ick (which is quite rare), we try our best and treat them as if they were having a great day but we don't want/feel that they deserve any extra bit of service (though we do do it). For happy customers, the servers go beyond and want to do even more for their customer. All you have to do is be positive and polite and, unless the server is an ick him/herself, you will get an even better restaurant experience.

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