Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Talent

Polyvore has become my "break-time-go-to" site. Very addicting and very inspirational. I found a great Polyvore creator -- Bubbatea! She puts together the most inspirational pics that I'm so drawn to... guess I really like the whole cream, flowy, gold, soft romantic look. Butchea it's a talent I must say... to create a seamless picture where all the pieces have to look like they go together... of the same theme... the correct placement, overlapping pictures, saturated colour, without too many brand names screaming at you, the correct font, a picture that doesn't look empty, and one that actually makes you feel something! Bubbatea does just that for me. You can also search up an item, brand, or celebrity. The best part is finding pieces you like 'cause you can click on them and find out where you can buy them and how much they are! Plus, you can see other ways to wear that item by seeing other Polyvore sets w/ that item.
I love this Vivienne Westwood coat... lust!

my personal touch.... by bubbatea

i rather stay in bed.... by bubbatea
Darn Burberry classic trench...
Why do you have to be so perfect?

a touch of burberry.... by bubbatea

a cinderella inspiration.... by bubbatea
So cozy!

a lazy day... by bubbatea
I think the dress totally fits the title.

finally... he's waiting for me! by bubbatea
Not bad...

The Woman in the Snow: for Starless Artemis by IndieTea
A dream!

for you, my inspiration.... by bubbatea
Cute dress! I've seen it on TV before...

Dinner at Ralphies!! by Celia VonArbur♥ON
Typical dress but cute shoes!

Pretty backless and sleeveless blouse!

...Give Me Just Another Glorious Day... by Violet Peach
Of course there's so many different looks and styles out there...

So What.. by NoOneEverReallyDies
More fun tomorrow

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Nat said...

wat an interesting concept! it's basically pages you'd see in a fashion mag, so basically page layout design. not my kinda thing (i dont enjoy crowded layouts) but...interesting nonetheless! you should get in on it!

...wait..maybe not. dont get addicted :P