Friday, October 17, 2008


I found this on Xanga's featured blogs and thought it was a little amusing:

Ten Tips On Dating A Korean Girl

FYI - You should aim to be or actually be a doctor, accountant, lawyer, engineer, in finance or just ridiculously smart & eloquent if you want to date a Korean girl.

And yes, I am indeed stereotyping.

10. Prepare to get fat. Korean girls love to feed their men... Fatten them up for the kill, so to speak? They'll make you so undesirable that no woman in their right mind would want to see you naked. Plus Korean girls and their ridiculous metabolisms allow them to eat anything, whenever she wants... you can always tell which guys have been in long-term relationships by how chubby his face is. ahahhaa

9. Carry her designer purse for her when she asks you to. As embarrassing as it is, it is less embarrassing than when she starts to whine and starts sobbing, "but so and so's boyfriend carries her bag for herrrrr, don't you love me babyyyyy? why won't you carry my bag for meeeee, my arm huuuuuurts" - blubber blubber blubber. oh ew.

8. Be nice to her sister, her mother, her grandmother, her aunt, her great aunt, her aunt's cousin's sister-in-law's step-sister. Oh, and to her best friend, too, but not THAT nice because then she'll assume you're hitting on her friends and that would NOT bode well for you. Your girlfriend's female relatives can be your best ally or your worst enemy. (They like gifts too.) And beware of the Korean ajjumma.. she will tear you a new one, son. so true...

7. Every Korean girl has a materialistic beast inside her that craves the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior and Chanel. Remember dates, like the 100th day after you met, the 100th day after you first kissed her, the 100th day yada yada yada. And buy her a little something accordingly. So in other words... be rich... or at least keep up appearances that you are... Your first gift can't be something too cheap or else she'll think you'll never be able to provide for her "stay at home and look hot" lifestyle... but at the same time, you can NEVER downgrade. it's all up from there. I don't recommend an LV bag for your first gift, but if it's made of PAPER, she'll shred it. omg.....

6. Pretend not to notice when she's stuffing her face. Most TKCs will pretend that she doesn't eat that much but once you get closer you will know that a Korean girl's stomach has no bounds and limitations. She was lying when she said she wasn't hungry the first time you took her out to dinner. As soon as you dropped her off at home, she busted out the biggest pot in the kitchen and made herself some bomb ass bibimbap with the four bowls of leftover rice. And ate it all. In one sitting. And probably downed it with a beer.

5. TKCs like to feel special. Don't check out other girls when you're spending time with her. She has eyes like a hawk and will notice if you so much a GLANCE at another girl. She'll make a big deal and start a fight with you in the middle of the mall/park/parking lot, etc. If you do get busted, your first words better be, "Why are all girls so damn ugly next to you, baby? Let's go to Chanel." LOL!!

4. When you go drinking remember that she drinks waaaaaay more than she's letting on. TKC girls hardly get drunk but they would like to appear it so you can take care of her just like in the movies. But then again Korean girls only drink lemon soju/yogurt soju/grape soju anyway, so it can't actually be THAT much. She's probably faking the whole drunk act just so you can give her a piggy back ride.

3. Kiss your friendships with the fairer sex goodbye. She trusts you of course... but she doesn't trust the conniving K-Town hobags that write their numbers on your arm when you're clubbing with the boys orrrrr the girl who used to be your study buddy back in college. Oh, and don't try to use this logic on HER guy friends... because her guy friends are JUST FRIENDS.

2. That boy's night out you had planned? "But what am I gonna do?" That dinner with the parents? "But what am I gonna eat?" That night you were gonna spend at home alone to relax? "But don't you find it relaxing to spend time with ME?" Basically, just say goodbye to everyone LOL!

1. And if all else fails as my friend Manny suggests, "Just date a white girl. You men need to realise that this is an option. "


I want to try yogurt soju!! Sounds delish. I've had someone ask me for a glass of Calpis and a glass of Soju @ Posh before.. I guess they were trying to make it!

Craving fish... any fish

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Not forgetting to mention that yogurt soju is the most preferred drink among Korean ladies

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