Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The One

I'm so excited I found another inspirational blogger -- Starrgirl on Chictopia!
She also has a blog called The New Black.

Love everything in this outfit!
Blazer + long, flowy cardi + AA racerback tank dress? Love.
Another great outfit -- vint. cardi! Love.Shades of black.
Fur! Love.
I've been thinking of getting this AA racerback 2x1 tank dress on Ebay for a while now.A refreshing take on wearing the overdone graphic tee.

Not Starr, but nice outfit! I bet you can tell by now how much I like volume on top and almost non-existant bottoms? I think it's a more flattering cut for hourglass/pear shapes like me.
Oh AA.... and just as I thought I was done with you... I discover you have the tri-blend raglan in tri-black now! Oh well... it's not in store yet. I ordered one in Athletic Gray instead from Ebay.

First day of classes went alright
- long bus rides to school, to Harbour Centre, and back home. lol Today was pretty warm so I wanted to wear my shorts.. and of course all of them are short shorts. Usually I wouldn't give my outfit a 2nd thought but I was actually a tad self-conscious, while walking down to the skytrain station, that my shorts (jean distressed) were too inappropriate for school lol. How conservative of me all of a sudden! But then I saw 2 other girls wearing short shorts so I felt mucho better. Had Ling220 in the morn and Geog 322 in the afternoon. Good, nice professors as usual. Got my program proposal all signed yay! I keep thinking of how all this is gonna be when it's cold and snowing... I'll need boots!

Got dinner w/ A + BSB concert after school tomorrow! I think I'm gonna listen to some of my old BSB CDs... Millenium! Oh how happy I was when I got you for Christmas in 2000! And how much I replayed "I Need You Tonight" lol 'cause it was sang by the Carter.
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Nat said...

you should def come by ECU and check out the fashion there! there's a couple girls (three i can think of off the top of my head) that would fit wat you like a lot i think... one is pretty vintage, the other two arent totally vintage but still pretty unique. unfortch im not very good friends with any of them =p

Nat said...


lol read my friend nancy's xanga post.. hilarious