Saturday, September 13, 2008


Nice shot, Sartorialist!
"This shot was just fine until that bus drove by and blew up her it's perfect"
Zipia love
Kind of an old pic -- I saw it a few weeks ago but didn't bother to post until today. It's DBSK's new concept. Refreshing from the typical boyband stuff, eh?
Craigslist has been wonderful to me. It has allowed me to make some extra cash such as when I've sold items, and it helped me find jobs (bakery and Posh). I was thinking today how my decision to quit the bakery was one of the best decisions I've made even though at the time, my parents were sort of against it. They weren't too fond of the idea that I had only worked there a month and was sick of it already. If I didn't quit, I wouldn't have had the jobs I have now, which means I would probably be unemployed right now and my Korea fund would be almost nonexistant. A sign of growing up? It made me realize how many decisions I've made in the past relied on my parents' input. They have been wonderful in providing me with the best advice and it has opened up so many opportunities for me... I'm forever grateful. Until recently, I've been living with the mindset, they're older, they've had more experience, they should know best. While that generally stands true, now I feel like I've matured. I've been much more proactive with myself and life in general and have been finally making my own decisions and just doing things I want to do without assistance from my parents. It feels great, liberating even. I'm exhausted from work today.. hosted... relaxing serving tmr. Wootz.

Oh my -- I think everyone should just run out to get a Magic Bullet! I've been using mine so much ever since I took the time to open the packaging.. it's as great as the informercials! Smoothies galore. I have yet to use it for other purposes such as dips, pasta sauces, and soups, among many others.

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