Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Am... Need For Speed

I'm home! Today my 3 year old cousin Kyle decided to give my hotel room a wakeup call at 7:40AM. Packed + waited at the dock until they opened at 10. I got to go sea-dooing today! I went with my mom and I expected to drive except I needed a driver's license and mine expired last month! Darnnnn butchea - we had 1 hour so we went around at about 45-55 mph which doesn't seem too fast (def. not fast enough for me) but of course moms have to be all cautious and all... took me a lot of effort to get her to go faster than 40! It was exhilaratingly fun though - especially going against the waves at 55. Then my mom grabbed a bite and everyone went to visit a corn farm in Chilliwack. 2 cases of corn and a case of blueberries later, we head to my Uncle Albert's house and played with the kids + then went out for dinner. I had no expectations for this trip but it turned out to be good + relaxing enough for the big busy work push before school starts!

Tomorrow I have 2 shifts for work + have to go up to SFU to authorize some courses for Korea...

Schedule for the next week:

14 - SFU/Work x2
15 - Work/Nad
16 - Clean/Party
17 - Exercise/Work
18 - States shopping
19 - Work/Sleepover
20 - Work

Ah! I gotta find Alexander Wang and BCBG Max Azria's coverage for Fashion Week! Excitementtttt

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