Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ailuvyu ♥

Wow I don't think I've ever had this much sugar consecutively EVER. I must say I feel quite chubby right now and I just feel like wearing skirts ('cause I don't think pants fit). Defo time for a thorough detox...

♥♥21st Birthday moments!♥♥
ON the day of

Cutest moment: When my cousins Shannon and Kristin sang Bonne Fete on the top of their lungs into my answering machine! ♥

Sweetest, most touching moment: OK I can't choose --
- Handmade cards ♥
- When M made me a home-made + extremely decadent peanut butter ice cream cake! ♥
Sittin', Waitin', Wishing...
What did I wish for? I never tell anyone what they were but my wishes have never come true.
- When my brother presented me with a T&T Chinese Fruit cake with sparklers in it when I came through the door at 12:30AMish (and an extra green tea cake slice on the side)! ♥
(Oh my time to LAY off the cakes/sweets! My cheeks have ballooned like no tomorrow!)

Oh yea - I had my first shift at work (Posh) last Monday night (which is why I was wearing all black in the pics above). It went smoothly -- the boss guy put me as hostess right away (by myself! I was expecting to be an assistant of some sort but Monday is their slowest day so it wasn't bad at all even though my coworkers said that that Monday was unusually busier than most). I liked it but I can see how hostessing can be a little crazy when it gets super busy. Time while hostessing went by real quick and after I've seated one group of reservations, 30 min has passed and the next group is ready to be sat! My first walk-in customer was a family friend's daughter (whoda thought?) and my Aunt and her friends came too. I like my coworkers - they're fun and like to joke around a lot and tease.

Wednesday was Nad's birthday ♥! I've always thought how it was so neat how we're besties, our names are so similar (also 'cause Natasha is a form of Natalia) and our birthdays are 1 day apart... and if Nad was a boy (she has an older sister), then (s)he would have been named Christopher (which is my younger brother's name). We went out to La Villetta on Hastings for dinner -- a nice, quiet Italian restaurant I'd like to go again!
Then we went to her house and ate cake and took pics. Since we were all wearing shades of black (xept for D.ho who was, well, he was black, a black sheep all night), we decided to take a picture of us looking all serious (omgoodness totally reminds me of our group Artona grad pic where we had to not smile... we looked pretty bad and Bern looked like she was about to cry). Anyway, since D.ho's white shirt says "Happy Club" on it, we thought it'd be funny to take a non-smiling picture w/ him in the middle.
Except... he couldn't stop laughing at the last moment!
1st attempt...
he cracked right before the timer set off and Nad, Dims, and I couldn't hold it either.
Chinese mafia anyone? Drama case cover?
Both Dims and I can't not smile... well, me more-so ahha... so funny looking... Dims could probably kill w/ his stare.
Now someone just needs to photoshop the background.
And yes - Dims and Billy (either side of the chair) wore matching outfits on purpose.

Oh yea -- I made a sign that said "HAPPY" and "21st" and got Dims to come downtown with me to the Japadog stand to take a picture with the super friendly Japanese Japadog ladies. It was fun -- there was a pretty big line-up so we had to wait a while for it to die down so I made Dims help me decorate the sign...... well, at least we got some shapes out of him. Of course we got a stranger dude to take the pic for us but he only took 2 pictures (the first, we weren't ready for) in a row. The 2nd isn't perfect but I think that's what makes it funny. I love how Dims is only holding the "st" from "21st" and how the Japadog girl on the right looks so glowy happy holding a hot dog... and the short girl is trying to get her head in the pic hahaha ♥
Then yesterday (Friday), I had my birthday get-together at ♥Hapa Izakaya♥ on Robson! It was my first time there (and my first time at any Izakaya) + it left a good impression on me. The theme was glamour so my girls got dolled up (Diana wore a dress!) which meant I got to try my BCBG "stripper shoes" as M calls it, but they began to hurt after about 45 minutes of wearing them - we had to walk down Robson 'cause the bus didn't come. We did a set menu so we all got a bite of a variety of appies and we were all quite stuffed by about 3/4 of the way. I loved the decor of the inside - we sat in a huge round table where we had to take our shoes off... the servers took our shoes away (I couldn't seem to part with mine though lol) and gave them back at the end. Servers were extremely attentive too and took away our dishes/brought dishes/and just always seemed to be there when I needed to request something.
Here, Nad is picking off a piece of raw beef. Their edamame beans were made hapa-style. They're great! ♥
♥ Artemis and Steph
♥ Nad and I
♥ Diana (she wore a dress!!) and I
♥ M and I (aw blurry! but it makes our skin look nice).
We don't take enough pictures together!
Dolls ♥: M, AshLee, Jamie, Cass (in a Sari!)
(Next batch of photos courtesy of Nad! But all blurry 'cause I took it off Facebook haha)
One pear sake martini and a pitcher of hapa's new strawberry sake margarita (yum ♥)
Tons of drinks!Nad and I (again) ♥
Cass made mini lime and lemon meringues for everyone! ♥ Loveee I had 3!
See, that's my hand reaching for another one (or, OK, my first in this picture).
At the end I had to take a random shot w/ Cass..... I didn't know what it was (noone would tell me)... and I had to experience how awful it was. A 151. Ew. No effect on me though thank goodness. No heart deserved here though.
Hand-drawn papayas from Ashlee + D ♥
It's a papaya family! Well, odd couple.
Goodbyes with Cass and Jamie (and now Posh coworkers ♥)
Au revoir with AshLee ♥♥
The girls
Thank you to all of you (Artemis, AshLee, Bern, Cass, Diana, Jamie, Melanie, Nad, Steph)!Then after 7 of us went to Caprice

Artemis and M (grar flash)
Con moi (w/ my heels, I was around 5'8 - 'tis nice being as tall as A is in flats). She was wearing her Michael Kors so she was about 5'9-5'10. Aw I like this pic ♥-- resting our tired feet (at least mine).
Cute B and IA round of girly Alize + 7ups on Steph (thx!)
Steph (who is going to Ecuador on Wednesday!) and I (we look like natural Geishas in this lighting)
I had such a lovely night ♥ Ailuvyu all! ♥

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