Sunday, April 13, 2008


I'm totally loving Leona Lewis's CD (as I've mentioned before). I love it so much I want to share it w/ all of you so I uploaded it on SendSpace.
Click away! LOVE IT

American Apparel lame top [$16] and shorts [$34]
Too bad the shorts don't come in the lame smoke coloured top I wanted. I wonder if I'd wear them as a bathing suit or not... well, I definitely don't have enough to fill the top in by itself so maybe not lol

My schedule for the next week or so:
M 14th - Study for Japn
T 15th - Japn101 Exam 7-10
W 16th - Study for English + Run in morning
T 17th - Engl104W Exam 3:30-6:30 - Book buybacks -- out w/ A after
F 18th - Last jog before SunRun (lol SO unprepared (surprisingly?) Relax and clean + research exchange
S 19th - Hang out w/ B, buy Grade B Syrup, send out resume + eat pasta.
S 20th - Sun Run + Cemetery day w/ whole family... (mom's side)
M 21st - Start Master Cleanse (detox)/Research exchange/Start driving
T 22nd - Go up to SFU and finish course selection for Exchange

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