Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Full Plate

What's on my mind:

  • get a job for the summer (perhaps try my hand at waitressing 'cause I love customer service and they have good tips)
  • driving lessons (starting v. soon!) - get N before summer is over
  • need to get some real outdoor running practice soon
  • plan exchange program (competition is high!)
  • book LA tix (within the next couple days)
  • find a Korean summer course on the side
  • find a geography course to take at UBC (nevermind.. I just looked it up and all geo courses are only 3 credits. I want 4-credit courses or else I'll have to take more courses! Right now, I'm taking a 4 credit 300-level course. (I need 12 credits in the 300 level and 12 credits in the 400 level. All 300 and 400 level courses are 4 credits @ SFU, but I can't take any SFU courses this summer b/c I'll miss the first couple weeks) HMM to take summer or not...
  • apply to Business
  • Japan for 1 week in August??
  • Hair is getting super boring... digital perm (and waaay bigger curls than last time)?? Maybe wait 'til Korea? And dye to dark brown.
Spring/summer plans:
My last exam is on April 17th.
Sun Run: April 20th
Master Cleanse: April 23-May 2nd
LA trip: May 14-22nd
Work: rest of summer
Summer school @ UBC: June 16th to end of July
Take Korean on the weekends.
Do the Grouse Grind 4 times.
Yoga (or some other kind of exercise) drop-in.
August: 1 week trip w/ family (and maybe 1 week trip to Japan?)
I think I have a pretty busy summer ahead of me. Fun though!

I've been watching The Hills on MTV recently while exercising. It's pretty much your typical LA drama that I don't need to fill my brain with so I'm not too much into it... but I do like to see what they wear and what LA looks like from their point of view. Is it me or do a lot of these blondes look so similar? I can only tell a couple of them apart, but I mean Lauren (x2?), Whitney, Kristin, and Heidi look almost identical in my eyes.
Lauren Conrad's self-titled clothing line debuted yesterday. She's trying to go for the whole "LA chick" style. Click HERE to view her entire Spring Collection. Can't say I'm that that impressed. All her pieces look quite plain - perhaps versatile, but it's too much like the well-established C&C California. The prices are basically the same too. You can get a simple black empire-waist summer throw-on for $148; $88 for a tank. Who would buy it? The style isn't distinctive and I'm sure you can find the exact same thing for cheaper.

Haven't seen anything I've liked at UO for quite a while now, but this one caught my eye today:
WeSC Lizzie Dress [$105 Online Only]
Side note: I think these are so funny! They're trying to make boots wearable all year round (even in the hot hot summer) by putting holes in them so your feet don't get sweaty. Pretty creative. They're not ugly, but I wouldn't wear them.
Jeffrey Campbell Zola Boot [$195 Online Only]
Am thinking of making a YesStyle purchase on these items this weekend:
La Salon: Fitted Wool Jacket
La Salon: Narrow Lapel Vest
Shiseido Ultimate Protection Face Cream SPF 55
Let me know if you want anything - free shipping.

1 comment:

Nat said...

yay my internet is fast again

wow those boots are really quite interesting. i would think you'd still sweat! can you imagine.. wearing that in flip flop weather? :S the toes would be sweatin'

yes yes yes let's drive!!!!!! i want to get my license for dims' bday.. it will be his bday present :P where are you planning to take lessons?? my dad says YD, but if you have other suggestions..??

and HOW can you love customer service? uGH. i hate it. people can be soooo rude :( it gets so busy at the store, and it's SUPER hard to get around to people waiting at the desk, and one lady i approached (who had been waiting) i say "Hi, can i help you?" and she says "well, you've ignored me twice so i assume you'd rather help someone else." ...i was like WHAT? i said sorry, and said i was available now. and she said she would wait for someone else. i was very wtf. my coworkers both said forget about it, it could also be how people pick on the younger people (my coworkers are much older than me, mom-age) but yeah, it's hard not to take it personally! it still sticks in my mind. mm.. i'm way too sensitive = =''

BUT i heard a waitressing tip - jsut as you're giving them the bill, you touch them lightly on the shoulder/back, "here you are, thanks again!" and they are more likely to give you a bigger tip.