Sunday, February 3, 2008

Recap, Recall, Remember

OK so my last post was a bit too serious-sh. Back to the point of the blog -- my adorations!!
Actually today's post will just be a short recap on what I did the past few days ('cause I actually took my camera/used my cell) with pictures!

I saw this at the Queen Annex Montessori school playground at the bus stop near my house. It was right after their recess. lol I love all their attempts at making a snowman in 20 minutes!! So cute.
Went to Sushi Town after school w/ RS + D
Busy place! Quite Korean too... the tea was Korean tea (which I don't really like).
Here's RS looking at all the takeout containers ready for takeout... or maybe he's looking at all the chefs behind the counter! It's amazing how many there are for such a small restaurant, but they're quite busy considering all the takeout orders they have to take care of... and the full restaurant.
I don't know if it's 'cause I was hungry 'cause we missed the bus stop for this restaurant and went all the way down to another sushi restaurant, changed our minds, and went back up to Capitol Hill 'cause D really wanted her spicy salmon shashimi she still loves even though she gets an allergic reaction and can't eat half of it 'cause it's too spicy for her, but my order took a while to come b/c of the busy-ness. I had the Mangodise Roll which was quite interesting 'cause it's like a California Roll with mango instead of avocado + cucumber and ebi (shrimp) on top and this mustard sauce. -- 8.2/10.
The presentation and plating impressed me. It's almost unexpected considering the place isn't exactly nice. I shall go again for their shashimi and perhaps their "Awesome Roll" that seems to have more things coating it than in it aha

I had Japanese class at night. It was one of the student's bday that day so my sensei was going to bring in a cake. We requested chocolate. But he realized that it wasn't so fair to have a cake on her birthday 'cause it seems like he's favouring her (well, she is really one of the best students anyway). She brought in homemade rice krispy donuts for everyone and my sensei brought chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii (Mauna Loa brand) for us... and someone brought something else I forgot what it was. It was a pretty good class... especially b/c I finally got a mark I was happy with on my quiz! I was so scared at first 'cause when he gave it back to me, my homework was covering most of the quiz so I only saw 8.5 (it's out of 20). I was like "forget it.. I did so embarrassingly bad considering I actually spent a long time studying for this quiz ('cause I have gotten 9.5 on another quiz before and my average was around 13) and other ppl around me got 17" so I ignored it and continued to look over my Kanji for the quiz. Then when I put it in my binder, I saw the 1 infront of the 8.5!! Aaah yesss I was so happyy! These quizzes are only worth less than 1% each but I can finally feel much more confident that I know what's going on. Whew.
It's so sad though - my Friday nights are pretty much gone 'cause of Japanese. I get home at around 8:20 and I don't do anything particularly fun. Not like I have the money to do fun things anyway, but that's just boring.

I did my run + went out to Westward Ho! Bar + Grill at the University Golf Club w/ g'rents (gong gong + por por) for Dine Out. Hah - my chipmunk cheeks covered my mom... oops.

I Had:
Langoustine Bisque with Quenelle of Lobster and Wild BC Salmon. Garnished with Shredded Leeks and Flying Fish Roe -- 9.5/10
Pan Fried Alberta Buffalo Tenderloin on a Splash of Huckleberry-Maple Butter Sauce with Two Crab Claws on Top. Served with Buttered Baby Carrots and a Potato-Wild Rice Cake. -- 8.5/10 Wild rice cake was super good, but the carrots were a bit too baby-ish, hard, and unflavourful. The buffalo was done just as I wanted: medium rare. It was just a lot of meat that my mom and I couldn't finish. Crab claws were nice... esp. how I didn't have to de-shell them haha The blueberries surprisingly made the dish.
My brother had the Oven Baked Fraser Valley Chicken Breast on a Pool of Curried Vegetable Stew with Basmati Rice. Topped with a Pappadam and an Alaskan King Crab Leg. -- 6.5/10.. I love curry and there was a lot on his plate but it was just alright. Not really what I expect for semi-fine dining.My dad and his halibut plate in green pea sauce that isn't on the online menu for this restaurant for some reason. -- 8.7/10
Dessert!! This was absolutely delish. My brother and I chose it. House Baked New York Cheesecake on a Pool of White Chocolate with a side of Rhubarb Compote. Garnished with Candied Orange Peel and Fresh Whipped Cream. 9.6/10 Only things were that the rhubarb was too sour for me (that's why it lost .4 points) but luckily my dad loooves rhubarb. I love rhubarb pie w/ all the sugar to dampen the sourness.. but not this type. Also, the candied orange peels didn't suit the cheesecake at all. They were v. annoying to eat.
My mom and dad chose this House Made Dark and White Chocolate Orange Blossom Cake on a Pool of Fruit Coulis with a side of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. -- 9.8/10 - Excellent stuff. I didn't consider it in the beginning 'cause of the word "Orange Blossom"... I thought it was some some sort of orange-flavoured Angel food cake.On the way home, the view was so nice so I made my dad stop the car on the slope so I could take a picture of it. Unfortunately my camera isn't close in translating what I saw into hardcopy. Boo.. rushed job, everything is blurry.
When we got home, my mom showed me what she bought at the Winners near White Rock: 2 dresses and a cropped tweed blazer. My mom has a tendency to buy clothes that are too young for her... like her many jumpers. The dresses were a bit like that.
I even asked suspiciously after I notice the huge buttons + see
____ Couture on the tag: "is this from the Junior's section??"
Her (proudly): Yes!
Me: Oh no.....
Her: What? I can't help it if I fit Junior sizes.
Me: That's what the Petite section is for!
Aiya. She is sort of hard to dress though.
She is quite thin and short and her minor Scoliosis (curvature of the back) from when she was young doesn't help. I think she just needs some tailored, simple, good quality clothes that fit her well. About 3/4 of her closet needs to be weeded out 'cause she doesn't wear them... and she needs to stop buying things from the Junior section because they look like they're for pre-teens.
Anyway, when she was hanging her purchases, I see her old clothes that she just won't give away (don't know who'd want them if she does anyway)... so I decide to wear them. I took pictures for a future post haha

Sunday (today):
Rearranged my bed (it's now against the wall) -- I have so much space in the middle of my room!! Amazing.

Went to 2 cemeteries. Is it wrong to take pictures/be happy in them?I don't remember if this is Fraser View or Forest Lawn, but one had NO SNOW and the other had snow like this.
My dad was using his golfclub to find the plot while my mom used the car scraper to clear the snow. That's called teamwork.
Me waiting in the car while my parents were hunting for my G-pa's plot. lol even my teeth look like chipmunk's teeth 'cause you can't tell how long they are. We got bubble tea to feed my cheeks in between cemeteries 'cause my mom wanted some. I don't object of course.
Here you can find my mom trying to get over to where my dad was with flowers in 1 hand and the scraper in the other. She's hopping, trying to only step in already-made footprints. haha a funny sight especially 'cause her shorter legs can't reach the next step most of the time.
I didn't know they'd have so much snow there so I wore my flats. Needless to say, my feet were cold 'cause I couldn't be bothered to look for those footprints.
We visited my Grandpa's (dad's dad) plot. He passed away 12 years ago on New Years when I was 7. I remember visiting my grandparent's house that day and seeing 2 ambulances and a fire truck in front of their house. I had my friend, Big Christopher, with me for some reason. I guess I was too young to understand then so I wasn't affected by this. I remember joking around w/ Big Christopher as if it was no big deal. No-one cried that day (not that I remembered), but I can clearly recall my Grandma breaking down at the funeral. My Grandpa lived a long and full life. He was 94 if I remember correctly. I remember him always sitting on the chair - "Grandpa's chair" - behind the couch, watching TV. He was frail, soft-spoken, and just very quiet in general. I don't really remember him talking very much but when he did, people would listen. Unlike my mom's biological mom, I never hear much about my Grandpa, if anything at all. I wish I got to know him more. Same with my mom's 1st mom.
I never met her. My dad never met her either. She died when she was 42 in 1975, two years before my dad met my mom because of some disease. My Auntie Sandy (the youngest) was only 6 or 7. My mom (the oldest) was 16 or 17. My gong gong re-married shortly after. My mom and her siblings call their biological mom mommy and their mom now mama. I've only seen a handful of pictures of her. She was very beautiful - quite a stylish woman for her time too with her tailored clothes and many fur coats. My grandpa mentions her often enough - as if he was trying to remember what she was like. I learned that she was a terrible driver no matter how many good driving schools and lessons my grandpa sent her to haha. I can't remember if she was stubborn, but she seemed to be a strong, strict, and opinionated woman. Yesterday, I learned that even though she had a full head of hair, she liked to dress up in wigs! She had many apparently, but that phase just lasted for a couple of years.
You know when people ask "if you could meet someone from the past, who would it be?", I'd pick her. I want to meet her, if just for one day.
I think I would have liked her a lot.
Gosh.. who knew this could turn out to be such an emotional post to write =*(
Doesn't help that I'm listening to this Korean guy pouring out his heart to his girlfriend in spoken word with sorrowful piano music in the background.

Ok Ok happy happy time!
I did a 25 min jog today. It's pretty inspiring to jog and watch an episode of The Biggest Loser lol. It really helped me w/ the last 5 minutes.

Yay my YesAsia order shipped today! Noo I don't have enough money in my bank account to cover it because my brother still hasn't picked up my paycheque!!

Wow. Long post. Tomorrow I will definitely get ahead with my Geography (and maybe even re-do my Op-Ed), clean off the clothes from my desk, run again, and study some Japanese. It has been quite a lazy weekend school-wise thanks to the snow day that canceled Tuesday's Geo class. It's time to get back on it!

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