Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's a Snow Dream Under The Sky -- Shalalalala

Today I went to North Van w/ D to get her hair cut. The beautician was snowed in (we later learned she was just too lazy to come) so I didn't get my manicure but that was alright 'cause who was gonna see my nails anyway? I'll get it in the new year. D cut off over 8 inches and is donating it! Then we headed over to Central library where I tried studying (fell asleep for a while...) but managed to get 2.5 chapters read. Theeeen when it closed, we went to Urban Outfitters 'cause I wanted to see the quality of some of the boots I saw online. Yea I was disappointed but I saw a few things I liked from the store... like the sunnies I'm wearing above haha! The ones on the right are similar except the frames are a bit thicker and I think it's a purple or a brown... don't remember/can't tell. lol I'm so bundled up. The flaw is that I can't smile when wearing them or my cheeks push the frames up and off my nose bridge. Pretty expensive at $28.. who wears sunglasses in the winter really?... well apparently Koreans do -- at night, especially.

Oh yea - I found out that it's "Aux Champs Elysees" instead of OH haha

Saw a strange boy today. That guy isn't wearing anything under that thin American Apparel vest! It may seem so, but I clearly saw the many tattoos on his arms. Whoa.. in this weather... and he's pretty thin too! I think a ton of ppl were going to the Alexis On Fire concert tonight or something. The #16 was packeddddd and all the people looked the same -- wearing the same rocker sweatshirt/tee/black/jeans/skater shoes. Loud bunch.

My hair is so dry and awful now. Split ends galore. It needs to be hydrated like crazy. Doesn't help using cheap hotel conditioner all the time. I was gonna cut it shoooort (like a little below chin length) but some ppl have convinced me not to.... it did take a while for me to finally grow it out after my perm and I did tell myself I wanted to keep it long and straight for a while.. but hair is supposed to be fun! It grows -- do what you want with it. My roots are like 1.5 inches now... and my dyed hair is so damaged you can see the damage when it changes into dyed hair from the top of my head. Gonna dye it again over the winter -- dark brown this time.

Not much to write about today. Do have to mention the snow though. Our first official snow day of the season! A bit late this year compared to last, but it makes me happy. "Happy Snow Day!"**
Aren't we cool. Har.

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Nat said...

your hair WILL grow back. so enjoy it and cut it short!! =p