Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lamb Chops Play-Along

Short post today because I have to study.

Did you ever watch Lamb Chops when you were young? I did... My mom used to stick me in front of the TV to watch this. I still remember Charlie Horse (the buck toothed donkey) and Hush Puppy too. Gosh I never realized how ugly they were until today!

This is the song that doesn't ennnnd

Yes it goes on and on my friendssssss
Some people.. staaarted singing it not knowing what it was
And they'll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that never ennndsss... yes it goes on..
Here: Relive one of your childhood memories.

Most of you have probably seen this caricature on Facebook. I had Johnny draw this for me using a mouse and MSpaint. He's quite talented isn't he? He totally got my cheeks down pat... and it looks like he decided to give me more hair haha! He has a whole album of his creations on Facebook -- take a look! I hope that link worked.
As for what it says... I'm embarrassed it says that but just look at the picture, will ya?

UUUUGGGGGHHHH accounting... I keep asking myself why I'm even doing Business! I'm not even GOOD at it! I just want to do something that has a bit of creativity in it. I watch decorating shows and long to help out, organize, pick fabrics and accessories and design things... which is why I can't wait until I take Marketing. I wonder if it's going to be what I hope it is...

Back to studying,




Let me tell you know if you are taking a beginners..well ok beginners is not a good word maybe level 1 i should say, INTRO there's the word to marketing its not gonna be that creative...

I had to break it to you cause I took the level one marketing class and you get projects and those reports is basically taking w hat you know from intro accounting, and some other factors you'll learn in marketing and writing up long reports about weather a product a company has is going to make it or break it

AND then you'll have to think of new ideas to help the company (now here's the creative part), we had to give three alternatives to try and help four corporations boost profits and stuff...

NOW here's the boring matter how creative you get with your ideas you gotta trickle it all back, does it work with the company's image, will you make a profit (this is where the accounting stuff comes in)

AND basically I had fun doing ONE marketing assignment...that was the one for BCLC where I got to use photoshop and make ADVERTISEMENTS!!! now you know how much I love em ads...LOL so yes that part was fun...

but for everything else, it was way more annoying than any accounting test I had to take...

of course thinking back on it now that marketing class was better than my accounting class NOW, but I don't think it was better than my intro to accounting...HAHAHA

BUT if you stick out past that first intro course onto the more advanced friend who's in marketing tells me it gets way better and the creative stuff does come in WOO WOO

seee im not just here to tell you it sucks..
im telling you YOU GOTTA GET THROUGH the boring snoring stufff

Nat said...

i took marketing.. and it seemed okay, but dims' marketing seems pretty intense. soooooo yeah, it's suposedly creative, but.. i guess you have to dredge through some boring stuff first. it was a lil hard for me.. hard to grasp the business side of it

why dont you take interior design at bcit?? of course it wont be completely fun all the time, i'm sure it gets boring or repetitive after a while, but if that's what you reaaaaaally love doing, then go for it! ...tho i am sure ur parents/gparents are going to insist you finish an "actual" degree first = =